Jan 9, 2022 - blogpost

Welcome !

Hello there !

Today on January 9th 2022, I finished my site. It took me a while to figure all of this backend and website theming stuff but I guess, today is the day where this site isn’t on a unfinished limbo state. I won’t really make a lot of blog posts, while the layout is blog-like which by the way, I forked this Hugo theme and I modified it with my own style. I won’t make lengthy daily blogposts just to overshadow my actual work. I focus more on actually enjoying my life rather than, y’know, yell about the current events happening in this world or on the internet. As of 2022, I’d expected to rant about COVID-19 or the NFTpocalypse but honestly, sometimes it’s just better to, forget about all of that stuff and just focus on the stuff that you enjoy or are passionate about. So yeah, this is the place where I’ll post my own work in full uncompressed quality. Could be drawings, downloads or making tutorials on stuff that is useful but yet obscure.

Woah ! A website maintainted by a sole content creator and not for commercial purposes in 2022 ?

With online services like Twitter, Reddit and Youtube getting more unreliable, annoying and limited. It’s pretty handy to have a place where you can do pretty much anything, with no artificial limit :) If you’re a content creator and you want to do the same and you’re someone who isn’t really tech savy or doesn’t have much time. Then yeah, just buy a cheap custom domain and use Wordpress or Blogger and pick a theme there. Without the domain part, it will be basically free but then again, you’ll have various limitaions and it will be counterintuitive considering you’ll still deeply rely on a external service and with that, I should also remind you that Blogger is owned by Google. So yeah, your call but hey, it’s still better than not doing it at all :D I built it with a semi self-hosted fashion, using Neocities as a hoster and Hugo as a site automator. This warrants more flexibiliy, less limits and the ability to host videos, singular special HTML pages and hell, I can even upload some flash animations here if I could !

Was it hard ?

Everytime you learn a new thing, yes. I was intimidated and thought it was impossible at start, I had ZERO knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS or website design but then again, nothing is impossible if you take things in little steps. Try to do a basic thing, then constantly experiment and make bigger and bigger stuff. And use your search engine for any questions. It is your main helpful tool for learning. If you’re not tech savy then you’ll need some dedication, time and attention span.

I’ll only mention this video series and it’s sub series because honestly, it’s kinda hard to find on Youtube nowadays and yet it’s the best tutorial series for learning it, simple and straight to the point, not wasting more of your time. Also for the design itself I was somewhat inspired by this website compiling web designs from a different time. Oh yeah also, the simple design of the DS Firmware menu.

And here’s the entire history of building my website’s layout, live :

And after that, I used a existing Hugo theme and modified it with the current work I’ve made to make it functional for mobile devices, even though my main focus on this design is for my 1920x1080 screen. Now as I’m writing this, there’s still a lot of room of improvement with my layout, I’m mostly thinking about a better way of structuring my content but as of the way it is, for now I shouldn’t worry too much about that.

Anyway, that’s all about it for my first lengthy post hopefully as I said, I won’t get carried away and make too much of those and focus on the actual purpose of this site for being a gallery for my work in the best possible quality.